​​​Ruff Cuts LLC

About Us

​​​Ruff Cuts has been in business in Mason since June of 2008.Our groomers are all professionally trained and keep current in the newest techniques, procedures and styling in the industry.  We keep up-to -date by attending a nationally  recognized grooming show providing seminars and demonstrations each year.  We have a loyal clientele and are proud to say that we have won the Ingham Community News Annual People's Choice Award for favorite groomer three times!

We have nothing to hide.  We like to say that we work in a fishbowl. Our grooming shop is an old Buick dealership sales area, therefore all areas of our work space are visible to the public.  Nothing is hidden in the basement or garage.

We work by appointment only and do not "stack" customers .  Each groom has an appointment time slot; each pet is groomed during that time and leaves as the next customer arrives.  We are flexible, however, if you need to arrive earlier for drop-off or later for pick-up.

At Ruff Cuts we have no "add-ons" or "special packages" to pad the groom cost.  We use whatever shampoo, conditioner or grooming tool necessary for your pet's coat or skin condition at no extra charge.  ​Let me repeat that: there is no extra charge for dry skin shampoo, flea shampoo, coat releasing shampoo or conditioner, or any other coat conditioner or product.  There is no extra charge for undercoat removal or nail grinding/buffing.  All of these things are considered a basic part of properly grooming your pet - not an "extra".

We are not the most expensive grooming establishment in the area, nor are we the least expensive.  You will find that our prices are very competitive, especially when you consider that you are not paying for "extras"!

If this sounds good to you, we are right here in your hometown!